When You Lose a Love of your Life

Me and my little sis December 1992

Hello again

I’m gonna get all personal with ya!

In the photo is one of the great loves of my life, my sister Lori (she’s the laughing one on the left).

She passed away suddenly this day in 1992 and today, I finally realised I’ve actually stopped grieving. I’ll miss her always but, now I can remember her (and the stupid-arsed things she did and said) without that horrible ache in my chest and a deluge of other linked, equally awful memories.

If you’re grieving (anyone or anything) it can feel ? HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE. Nothing anyone can do can make it feel better and no amount of clichés will work. Usually it’s THEIR discomfort they are trying to ease.

All you can do is accept it.

Because feelings, by their very nature, their purpose, are meant to be felt. Try to allow those feelings to do their thing. And here’s my sage advice for what it’s worth, it has help me a lot and it applies to all manner of pains.

It passes.

Whatever the awful thing is, it will pass, it might take a LONG time, it might be a complete and utter shizzle storm but, it WILL eventually pass.

Believing that there is something else, hopefully better, on the other side of the vast expanse of pain, has got me through many a long dark night of misery.

‘It passes’ is probably not be much comfort at all to many, MANY people right now who are dealing with the direct effects or potential frightening threat of COVID-19. It’s all I have to offer though.

I have so much love in my heart to give to anyone who needs a bit of TLC, these posts are about the only way I can safely do it. ?

If you’re in pain, please reach out to someone or something for help. It IS there, please don’t suffer in silence, it’s the fastest way to unhappiness and dis-ease (Louise Hay will tell you more about dis-ease).

Give yourself some love even in a small way if you can.

Take care

Stephanie xxx